How can I apply for the training?

You can begin the Romanian-Hungarian complementary training syllabus for bus drivers by executing the following steps:

  1. Register by clicking on “Registration” located on the lower left section of the website and fill in the form that appears (you shall receive an automatic reply in an e-mail confirming your application).

  2. When the program coordinator approves your registration you will receive an e-mail notification to the address given during the registration process.

  3. After the approval of your registration you can log in onto the training section at the Registration to program, on the lower left section of the website, with the username and password you provided during registration. Once you are logged in you can download training materials in .pdf format and you can reach the download manual for the Brainmachine test software. By following the instructions in the manual you will be able to download the Brainmachine onto your own computer.

  4. The required username and password for using Brainmachine test software will be sent to you by the program coordinator in the same e-mail approving your registration. After studying the training material you can log into the test system using the received username & password. After you are logged in you can answer educational test-questions.

  5. Once you feel prepared to take the exam, notify the program coordinator in an e-mail or over the phone. The coordinator will then switch the Brainmachine system into exam-mode. After this step, the next time you log into the Brainmachine, your exam begins. You cannot log out until you answer 100 questions. The exam is deemed successful if your answers are at least 90% correct!

  6. After the successful exam SALUS Nonprofit Ltd. will send the certificate of completing the training to the e-mail address you provided during registration. Make sure you bring the certificate with you when applying for a job at any Hungarian or Romanian transport company.

In case you experience problems during any of the above listed steps, please contact Zita Kővári, training program coordinator, at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +36-70-984-79-50!

We wish you success with your preparation and exam!

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